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The Enchanted Kindergarten

What you’ll receive from this thirty week plan:

✅This comprehensive guide provides all the plans you need for 30 successful weeks of gentle introduction to Charlotte Mason inspired education. Work on habit training, routines, gentle academics, reading living books, and much more! (Note: All plans correlate with needed booklist)

Living Books Guide

Read CLASSIC, Award-Winning Literature! Stories like:

💜Winnie The Pooh

💜The Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter

💜Mother West Wind's Animal Friends

Nature Study Fridays

Start a nature scrapbook and explore nature together on Fridays.

Gentle Early Education

An early introduction to education-The Charlotte Mason Way


💜Our GOAL in the early years ( age 6 and below) is to form good habits in our children.

"Habit training" is the cornerstone of our days in the early years.

✅The Enchanted Kindergarten™ adds structure to your days and allows habit training to take place through gentle activity.

What's included: All plans are based on booklist

✅ Morning time plans ( Christian based )

✅ A Guide to reading 11 books aloud this year

✅FREE Math program suggestion plans

✅ Teatime and etiquette plans for Wednesdays

✅ An early introduction to Latin with Latin flashcards (Latin cards included in purchase)

✅History program ( American based-FREE download curriculum link)

✅Gentle beginning Science read aloud plans

✅Beginning Geography to build awareness of a larger world plans(optional)

✅Handicrafts through ART and COOKING (plans that go with book suggestions)

✅ Weekly supply list with notes

✅Teacher suggestions from me

✅Weekly Art lessons

✅Passively listen to composers in your home (This adds a rich learning environment!)

✅Nature study suggestions (construct a nature scrapbook this year!)

✅Hymn signing for morning time


Who is it for?

Children, age 3-6 can benefit from The Enchanted Kindergarten™

How do I start?

After the purchase of the 30 week PDF guide, begin building your LIVING BOOK LIBRARY by using the booklist. You do not have to buy all the books at once. At the end of the year, you will have an amazing library of literature !!!

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